Established by the Association of Optometrists in 1990, Sight Care is a professional association providing a wide range of business support for independent opticians throughout the UK.

Every year, Sight Care delivers a series of high profile events aimed at supporting and galvanizing its membership.  With the theme ‘Rudderless Ships’, the most recent series of events attracted over 700 delegates from across the country.

“We chose the theme rudderless ships as an analogy with those practitioners who attempt to run their practices without steering a course for the future. In this example, the rudder is the business plan,” explained Sight Care’s chief executive Paul Surridge.

As part of the speaker programme we presented on a range of issues including:

  • Store layout and customer flow
  • The psychology of buying
  • Sensory retailing – sight, touch, smell, sound, and how they influence purchasing behaviour
  • Visual merchandising
  • 10 key considerations to improve retail performance


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