Why we do it

We’ve worked with retailers and their suppliers for many years, we’ve seen many changes, ideas, plans and concepts, some that have worked, others that haven’t.

We’ve observed thousands of customers, how they move, how they walk, where they stop, what catches their eye, ultimately how they shop. There are many variables that influence why a customer will make a purchase, but we also know that there are constants that apply universally. For example, in the context of a physical store, a customers’ first three steps, signage, colour schemes, glass surfaces, mirrors, shelf angles all play a huge role in how we as humans react to the retail environment.

We’d like to share our knowledge and help your business become even better.

Why do we do it? Well, retail is challenging, it is hard work, and it’s forever changing, and now more than ever we need to adapt and evolve. We think that’s what makes it so exciting, we can’t think of a better space to work in, that’s why we do what we do!

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